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Amir was born in Iran and his passion for music started when he was 15 years old. With mother's encouragement Amir enrolled in music school studying classical guitar. He became interested in flamenco guitar while traveling to Spain, where he lived for four months. In 1988 moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career professionally.

Amir is available as a solo performer for corporate events and private parties. He teaches guitar in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. He is also available for studio session work.

Contact Amir at (310) 569-5329 or


Romantic Flamenco (1999)

"Romantic Flamenco" is Amir's debut album which consists of eight romantic melodies. Amir's love for music and guitar has inspired him to record this album.

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Intimacy (2001)

Amir's second album "Intimacy" features not only Amir's beautiful guitar playing but also the talents of other musicians: Hiro Honshuku - flute, Monayoun Khosravi - cello, Jose Arciniegas - pan flute, Novi Novog - viola, Scott Broberg - percussion and Lou Rossi - bass.

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Rumba Gitana (2003)

Amir's third album "Rumba Gitana" will take you on a journey through haunting melodies and fiery improvisation. Guest musicians include: Hiro Honshuku - flute, Monayoun Khosravi - cello, Paul McIntire - violin, Adam Wright - percussion, Scott Broberg - percussion, Lou Rossi - bass and Barry Wood - accordion and percussion.

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Scent of Love (2006)

Amir's "Scent of Love" is his first album to feature his vocals. The album was produced by Armen Aharonian and features Iraj Lashgari - percussion, Meroujan Margarian - violin, and Rafo Gariggorian & Azatik - programming.

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Scent of Love - Instrumental (2006)

Amir's has also released an instrumental version of "Scent of Love." It includes all the same songs but in place of the vocals he plays the melodies on guitar.

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De Donde Eras (2007)

An album of Nouveau flamenco/pop with vocals sung in Spanish.

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Recuerdos de Ayer (2008)

Latin standards performed simply with guitar and vocals.

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